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A Nashville, TN, lawyer from the Whitesell Law Offices will provide you with counsel and respectful service throughout your case. Whether you're struggling with a claim or you have a question about your rights, we're ready to help.

We've been serving the local community since 1994, and we'll help guide you through the complexities of the law. We can represent you locally, and we can protect your rights in court if your case escalates to trial. Our firm is available to work on cases related to:

  • Disability law
  • Social Security law
  • General law

When you meet with a Nashville, TN, lawyer from the Whitesell Law Offices for a free initial consultation, you'll receive the advice and support you're looking for from an attorney. With our convenient office hours and our friendly approach to serving you, we make it easy to set up an appointment with us. We want to be your advocate, so contact us today to request time to meet with a lawyer personally.


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